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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Survey report about international conflict

Purpose of the survey

We all know that since the beginning of humanity we had a lot conflicts and wars. In the 20th century, how still perceive its acts, its actions which put nations in war. With this survey we will be able to establish the significant factor that influences these actions. This survey will clarify the motivations and the thought of the respondent about this subject. Finally, we hope to obtain as a result a negative vision of the international conflicts, in brief, that nothing can justify these kinds of actions.


For this survey, we proposed a sample of 10 questions in order to know the general tendency of the respondants. We had 30 people who answered the survey. To helped in our research, we used the web site The questionnaire contains 6 multiple- choice and 4 open-ended questions, always in order to know the general thought of the respondents about International Conflict.


In first, it is significant to affirm that the majority of our questions are answered by people who live in America. The results are representative with the Western lifestyle. The general tendency shows the same ideas. According to the answers obtained, people are not afraid of possible conflict because the survey shows a light indifference towards this subject. The result shows a certain insurance, safety expressed by the population. But, it is significant to mention that the respondents are obviously strongly conscious of that the existing conflicts. All agree there are serious problems but the answers are divided about their possible implications towards these conflicts.


According to our survey, there are several factors that can cause a war, figure 1 shows these ideas.

1Territory (10%)
2Religious purpose (33%)
3Naturals ressources(23%)
4 Political opinion (23%)
5 Other (11%)

We can express these different ideas by many wars which occurred in the past, this one were to justify by the same reasons that illustrate in graphic. The majority of respondents seem to have the same ideas about the propaganda, that it is cause by politics or the media, these two causes are a significant cause which tries has to put a nation in war, because, the media and the government insist with repetition in order to accomplish their brainwashing. More than 80 % seem to be in agreement with this idea. 65 % of the results affirm that the population does not fear a Third World War. We can explain this reality with the high degree of safety which the nation seems feel. Also, humanity doesn’t seem to want to repeat the serious errors of the past. However, in the contrary case of a war few people would be ready to go on the battle field, according to the data, only 33% of the respondents would like to go to war. This fact, we can still observe the general tendency not to take part in a possible conflict. In short, the results showed that nobody would like to live a war for various reasons.


Finally, with the data which we collected, we were able to affirm that the international conflicts are still subjects of current events. Obviously, this subject interests the respondents, but generally, those seem in agreement with the importance that it is necessary to grant these conflicts. The respondents grant importance to the diplomacy. Several people think we should make peace rather than the war. In short, we should not ignore all kind of conflicts because it is in the interest of everyone to live in world of peace.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Survey about Internationnal Conflict

Click here to answer my survey about the Internationnal Conflict

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pictures that dont represent Montreal (But....)


Montreal is the largest and biggest city of Quebec. There are over one million of people that live in this metropolis. It is a good place for shopping and there are a lot of shopping malls. As a big city, Montreal has a lot of international events to attract tourists from all around the world. This city is diversified with many different cultures and traditions because of large multi-cultural background. Obviously, there are not only good sides to living in Montreal. Most of all, because that is a big city, there are different kinds of pollutions, such as: air pollution, sound pollution and water pollution. In addition, there is not a lot of space to live because it is an island and is limited by Saint-Laurence River.
In conclusion, to live in Montréal you need to reflect deeply before moving.